Maritime Pacific S.L. is a young and dynamic company, but with a great experience in the marine sector thanks to our specialist team. Located in the southern Spain, in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar, it exerts his work in all the Iberian Peninsula, although it is in this zone where we concentrated our majors efforts.

We have sufficient technical and human resources to satisfy the needs with our clients in diverse scopes, as it is the ship agency, repairs, logistic of spare parts, maintenance of safety equipment, between many other tasks of the marine sector.

One was based on 1998 like logistical support of one of the companies of our group: DINO THEO ATLANTIS MC SL. , nevertheless, over the years it has been increasing his functions and diversifying his activity, always focused to the marine sector.

We have ample facilities and offices in Algeciras, where our headquarters is located. It is from here from where we coordinate all the operations in different ports from Spanish geography and Gibraltar. In addition we arrange own customs authorizations to the logistics of the spares, as well as average of own transports for its distribution. Therefore, we can make agile the customs administrative proceedings of important form, when centralizing all this work in a single operator.

We can adapt to anyone of your needs in this sector, and we did not doubt in exploring new routes of business, thanks to our spirit young and vocation of future. In this sense, we have been conscious of the changes in our sector thanks to the new technologies, that every day we incorporated to our work like tool of work to the benefit of our clients. Thanks to this, today it is possible to hardly organize a scale of a ship in one hour.

Our challenge is its total satisfaction with rendered services.