This activity is in continuous growth by the saving of time and costs that supposes for our clients. We manage as much the agency jointly as the workings of repair, as well as all the average materials and humans for the accomplishment of the same, including logistic of spare parts and the tools if you decided to send his own technicians to carry out works in situ.

Qualified personnel will take care of and advise you during your technical consultations with respect to a possible repair, and you will receive your customized item immediately.
 We work with the most outstanding factories of the marine sector, with commercial agreements that can provide important savings to you.
At the moment we offer this work in the majority of the main Spanish ports, as well as in Gibraltar.

The most common activities that we offer are the following:

-    Welder & boiler making.
-    Machining, lathes & grinding
-    Electricity & electronics
-    Hydraulics
-    General mechanics
-    Motor rewinding
-    Tank cleaning & residues disposal
-    Underwater repairs & inspection
-    Crane load tests
-    etc

A great team will be at your disposal to solve your repairs problems.